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A Very Sad Side Note:

Sept 10-14, Bethlehem’s South Side will be losing the historic, National Register-eligible Broughal School (built as the first high school on the south side for the industrial workers’ children), by noted architect, A. W. Leh. Tragically, the South Side is losing its historic landscape one building at a time.

A grassroots effort to preserve Bethlehem’s past while ensuring its economic future.

An historic Bethlehem Steel building No. 8 Hammer Shop (Electric Furnace Shop), originally slated for adaptive reuse, is threatened with demolition by the proposed ArtsQuest plan despite the fact that the PHMC has determined that the building's condition is suitable for rehabilitation AND it would actually be cheaper to rehab than demolish and build new (when 20% federal historic tax credit is used) Using their figures it is clear that a $6.7M federal historic tax credit would be available, making the rehab project total cost $27,171,000 or slightly CHEAPER than new construction And, 501(c)(3)'s use these credits all the time, as described here.

PHMC also reviewed their submitted Building Condition Assessment report in detail and determined "Although the Structural Condition Assessment report revealed deterioration, nothing in the report indicated that rehabilitation and reuse was not possible." It is also important to remember that 3.72 extra jobs are created for every $1M spent on a rehab project vs. new construction, since more dollars are spent on local labor and less on importing materials from distant regions So in this case, 126 extra local construction jobs would be created - and then these workers will spend their income at local shops and restaurants, further multiplying the positive local economic effect.

If this plan moves ahead as proposed, this historic structure will be lost, setting a dangerous precedent for future development on this nationally-significant site (listed as one of America's 11 Most Endangered sites in 2004) The proposed programming will be a wonderful asset to the community, but the project must be respectful of “place” –- it is called "SteelStacks" and is located in view of the 5 remaining blast furnaces We believe that if you want to “gain” from the historic fabric, you shouldn’t be tearing it down at the same time when a viable alternative is available.

A public meeting, which will present both sides, is scheduled for September 8 at the Wilbur Mansion in South Bethlehem (see flyer for details) We urge all to attend.

People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.”
— Edmund Burke

Please Visit the Steel Store
We have several new items for sale. A portion of your purchase helps fund SOS efforts to encourage preservation of the Steel site.

A detailed scale model of the proposed redevelopment is currently on display in the main lobby of Bethlehem City Hall.
Please click here to view some photographs.

Our elected officials need to hear your opinion

Please e-mail
Mayor Callahan bethlehemcs@bethlehem-pa.gov,
Representative Brennan jbrennan@pahouse.net
Bethlehem City Council cityclerk@bethlehem-pa.gov
to voice your support for redevelopment according to a comprehensive historical plan,
or use the information below to write letters:

The Honorable John Callahan, Mayor
City of Bethlehem
10 E. Church Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
Hon. Joseph F. Brennan, State Representative
7 West Fourth Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 882-1510
Fax: (610) 861-2112
Email: jbrennan@pahouse.net
Bethlehem City Council Members
10 E. Church Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Please click here to download a printable sample letter to Governor Rendell (21k .doc file).
Please click here to download a printable sample letter to Mayor Callahan (21k .doc file).
Please click here to download a printable sample letter to Representative Brennan (21k .doc file).
Please click here to download a printable sample letter to Bethlehem City Council (21k .doc file).

This is an exciting time for Bethlehem and the region because the community will finally have an opportunity to help craft their own destiny, ensuring a sustainable future and allowing our sons and daughters to walk among the structures that made Bethlehem and America what it is today.

Please explore the links at left for more information,
sign up for our e-mail news updates, and check back often to keep informed.

Thank you for your support!

Contact us at info@saveoursteel.org

Photograph of the West End as viewed from the Pennsylvania Route 378 Lehigh River Bridge © James E. Frizzell, April 18, 2001 used by permission.
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